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Waterproof Camcorder Case
Waterproof Camcorder Case
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Waterproof Camcorder Case

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Waterproof Camcorder Case 468 is designed for compact camcorder system. It allows you to film in places you wouldn’t dream of taking your camcorder otherwise. For example in the dinghy, or even while snorkelling.

Safe in the knowledge that your valuable camera is completely protected from mud or water. Key Features: Sea kayaking, snorkeling or river rafting, this case leaves you worry-free, allowing you to get on with it whatever the weather. You can get great shots through the acrylic lens. Even underwater. (Note: the lens is permanently attached, do not attempt to remove!) Operate all controls easily through the supple TPU material. It’ll float with your camera in it. Also protects from dust, dirt and sand. Supplied with 3 x 2g desiccant sachets to absorb condensation in humid climates. It’s guaranteed submersible to 15ft / 5m for 30 mins (IPX8 – the highest waterproofing level). Full 5-Year Warranty.

Use your camera safely at the beach, on the boat, or in the pool. Even underwater!

What’s so special about this case?

● It allows you to film when it’s really wet. And yes, even underwater!
● It features a tough acrylic lens for top-quality photos and extra protection
● It’s sand-proof as well as waterproof so you can take your camcorder safely to the beach (Sand destroys even more cameras than water)
● It comes supplied with 3 desiccant sachet to absorb condensation in humid climates.

What else do I need to know?

● Your camcorder should float in this case – but make sure you test yours in a basin before you launch it into the sea!
● Note: the lens on the case is permanently attached – do not attempt to remove!
● This case is 100% PVC-free. It is made of a special TPU which is thin enough for you to operate your camera through, but still remarkably strong.
● The seams are high-frequency welded to form a super-strong bond.
● The Aquaclip® seal opens and closes with a quick twist of two levers. And everything stays in one piece even when it’s open.
● We patented the Aquaclip system back in the 1990s. We have sold over 5 million Aquapacs, the vast majority of which are sealed with an Aquaclip. So you can have confidence that the waterproofness of our system is well-● proven!
● Caution: It’s not foolproof. If you’re not careful you could get a hole in the case, or let water in when opening it. But as long as you treat it sensibly and carefully it should give you many years of use.
● It’s supplied with 3 desiccant sachets to absorb condensation in humid climates

Is this the right size for my camera?

Your camcorder really needs to have an optical viewfinder. The case doesn’t really suit camcorders with only an LCD screen as there’s no room for the screen to swing out. However, it is possible just to point and shoot and get good video.